Voices from Home

By Mary Willix
ISBN: 0-9645064-0-8, 1995, 208 pages

Voices from Home, a key source book on Jimi’s Seattle years and a favorite of Jimi fans all over the world, is a community memoir with contributions from his friends, family, musicians, classmates and teachers. More than seventy interviews, 150 photos and a variety of memorabilia, were collected by Jimi’s classmate and friend Mary Willix, also a Seattle native, who writes about how Central Seattle’s racially integrated neighborhood schools, especially Garfield High School, city arts programs and the lush landscapes of the Northwest had a positive impact on Jimi and his classmates. When Jimi suffered from poverty and trauma at home, his buddies gave him food, friendship and hand-me-downs. They tell different versions of Jimi’s first guitar.

Voices from Home has been cited as a source in books such as Room Full of Mirrors, by Charles R. Cross, Jimi Hendrix, Musician by Keith Shadwick, Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection, by Michael C. Luckman and Jimi, Sounds Like a Rainbow, by Gary Golio, in dozens of online informational websites including wikipedia and websters-dictionary-online, and in documentaries, such as Jimi Hendrix, The Uncut Story, by Steven Vosburgh, Passport Productions.

Jimi Hendrix, Voices from Home was designed by Carolanne Gano and edited by Toni Thomas. Gano:

Epilogue by award-winning novelist Luis Urrea (Hummingbird’s Daughter, Six Kinds of Sky, Nobody’s Son & more)

This limited edition book is out of print and will not be reprinted.

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“Of special interest to Seattle fans, with dozens of interviews of people who knew Hendrix here, including his relatives. Wonderful, warm anecdotes reveal Jimi as a sensitive, friendly, nice guy. Gives insight into the circumstances that shaped his character, showing that his growing up in Seattle, with its racial tolerance, natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle, was key to his art. Many photos. Offers insight and information not available anywhere else.”

Patrick MacDonald; Seattle Times; December 18, 1995

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The final copies of this out-of-print book, signed by the author, are available for $135 each.

Note to Jimi fans: Ralph Hayes taught Jimi at Garfield. Ralph has a chapter in Voices from Home and Ralph’s stories about Jimi are told in Remembering Ralph Hayes.